The winter blues

Just thinking about winter brings to mind images of snuggling under a blanket with a cup of hot cocoa and not moving until SPRING!
    This would not be in anyone’s best interest to do NOTHING for the cold winter months. Not only will you get bored but you will end up having to rebuild your endurance and strength and the ‘winter blues’ can and most probably WILL strike!
    According to Mark Servis, M.D. Professor of Clinical Psychology at UCDavis, “Many of us experience the “winter blahs”–a depressed mood that lifts when the sun comes out in spring. A small percentage actually have a recognized psychiatric condition called seasonal affective disorder (SAD), characterized by symptoms of depression during the dark, winter months.”
    Only a small percentage two-five percent of people have SAD but many of us experience the winter ‘blahs’ or just feeling down and the simple desire to hibernate and stay indoors. Usually people find this feeling lifts in the spring when the days get longer.
    In the winter we all tend to spend less time outdoors, the days are shorter, many days might be overcast and gray and in Nebraska in can be COLD—REALLY COLD!!
    Who wants to go outside even for short periods of time!

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