School board approves finishing touches on track

The Wauneta-Palisade school board met for its annual October meeting, Monday Oct. 9 at the Palisade Attendance Center.

Track update
    The board spent the majority of the meeting discussing the current track update taking place at the Wauneta Attendance Center.
    The concrete installation, by Baxter Concrete, is almost complete which includes the cement work in front of the home bleachers, high jump, long jump and pole vault runways and the track itself.
    After lengthy discussion, the board accepted a bid from Fisher Tracks for a $62,796 poly mat, and $8,625 for the application of the poly mat to the high jump, pole vault and long jump runways and $26,854 for a black structural spray.
    The poly mat 5K is an all-weather durable running track surface that consists of polyurethane bound rubber base mat fit to the planned track specifications. The rubber surface will be half an inch minimum, and will be black in color. The rubber is specifically graded Styreme-Vutadiene Rubber (SBR) with a gradiation of 0.5 to 4.0 mm.
    The approved price also includes the color-coded metric striping of the National Federation of State High School Associations, and the application to the track.
    The structural spray is a polyurethane structural spray coating that is applied as a single component. A Methylene Diphenyl Disocyanate (MDI) based binder will be mixed with a polyurethane base colored paste.
    The entire base mat will receive two structural spray layers that consist of 60 percent black pigmented polyurethane structural spray binder and 40 percent black EPDM colored rubber granulate graded to .5 to .15 mm in size.
    The two layers will be sprayed in opposite directions to ensure uniform application.
    Principal Joseph Frecks said that the spray shouldn’t take more than a week to completely dry, but the weather must not get below 40 degrees, and has to reach and sustain a high of 55 degrees in order to spray.

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