College spending 101

It is almost time for those of the Class of 2019 to head to college. Have you discussed how the ‘other expenses’ will be handled? The tuition, room and board and other fees are most likely billed through the college’s system but that is not everything the college student will need. What other expenses will there be and who will pay for them?
    What other financial needs will there be while at college? Talk to other parents and student about what to expect to spend in the first semester or two at the school the graduate has selected. See if they had any surprises or things they wished they would have known. Their real life experiences could be very valuable to making the first semester going smoothly.
    Plans should be in mind for the following:
    •How will the college be paid for tuition, room and board, and fees? Will they be paid electronically or will you have to write a check? If the student is getting scholarships, grants or loans how are they applied to their bill?
    •Will the student have a checking account? Debit card? Credit card? Which bank will they use? The one in their home town or one at college?
    •What is the plan for the meals that are not covered by room and board? How will these meals be paid for?

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